Tree pollarding is a method of pruning that involves cutting back the upper branches of a tree to create a dense head of foliage. This technique is often used to manage the size and shape of trees in urban areas or along roadways. By removing the upper branches, tree pollarding can help control the spread of roots and prevent interference with power lines or buildings.

At Advanced Tree Solutions in Kent, our expert arborists understand the art and science of tree pollarding. We carefully assess each tree to determine the best approach for achieving the desired aesthetic and practical results. While some might view this technique as controversial or harmful to trees, when done correctly by professionals, it can actually promote healthy growth and longevity.

Tree pollarding requires skill and knowledge to ensure that the tree continues to thrive while maintaining its desired structure. Our team at Advanced Tree Solutions takes pride in executing this technique with precision and care, always considering the long-term health and well-being of our clients’ trees.