Meet the Team

The Advanced Tree Solutions Team


My name is Josh, and I am the owner of Advanced Tree Solutions. I started the business nearly 4 years ago now, and we have been going from strength to strength. Between my amazing team and myself you can ensure that we will meet all your needs for a 100% satisfied job.  I started off in the industry over 15 years ago with a leading company that put me through all the relevant qualifications needed to succeed in this field. I was born to climb trees, I have been doing it since birth. From there I went on to contract for multiple companies taking on their big jobs that they didn’t want to do themselves and from there went off to Australia to carry out tree work on the powerlines to prevent bushfires. While there I also competed in State and National Climbing Championships which really put my name on the map. Prior to starting the company I also worked for a company that were the royal tree surgeons which gave me the honour to work at such places as Buckingham and Kensington Palace. Working for others was never for me though, I took the leap to go on my own, and I have never looked back.


Hi my name is Mick. I am the team leader at ATS. I’ve been at ATS for 3 years. I’ve been in this industry for 13 years and have covered most aspects of tree work including working on utilities including UKPN clearing the power lines, mostly live around 33 thousand volts (believe it or not).
One of my favourite trees would be a Robinia, my least favourite is Conifer.
I love the industry, and I am very passionate about the work I do. We have a great team here, and I enjoy every day in the office


Hi there, my name is Finley, I’ve been a qualified tree surgeon for five years. I grew up around trees, and I started full-time with my dad at 16, after two years, I went out by myself. I do 3 days a week for Josh and enjoy every day with the lads. I love my job and take a lot of pride in my work, in fact, all the team do. This makes for a great work environment at ATS.


Hi there, I’m Charlie
I have been working with Josh for just over a year doing groundwork and maintenance. I love working outside and the daily challenges in our work.
I’ve made a change from being a Mechanic for most of my life since childhood growing up on a farm. Then in later years, I have been involved in Scottish and British Rally championships, building and running many successful cars.