With Advanced Tree Solutions, based in Cranbrook, a remarkable journey awaits fallen or unwanted trees, transcending their traditional fate through the environmentally conscious practice of tree milling. This unique service not only offers homeowners a sustainable solution for their trees but also presents a captivating opportunity to repurpose timber into timeless treasures.

The Art of Tree Milling in Kent

Unveiling the Tree Milling Process

Tree milling is a testament to sustainability and resourcefulness, as it involves the on-site transformation of felled trees into valuable lumber. Advanced Tree Solutions embraces this eco-friendly approach, utilising state-of-the-art portable milling equipment operated by our expert arborists. This meticulous process ensures that every piece of milled lumber aligns with the homeowner’s bespoke specifications for thickness, width, and length.

Embracing Sustainability, Crafting Legacy

Preserving the natural beauty and integrity of trees beyond their lifespan in the ground is a cornerstone of Advanced Tree Solutions’ ethos. By offering tree milling services, we empower homeowners to witness the potential of their fallen trees being transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing timber, thereby reducing waste and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Towns and Villages Served by Advanced Tree Solutions: